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  • £4,000 Avg claim

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  • £4,000 average claim

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The biggest data breachesData breaches have been increasing both in terms of number and the amount of people affected. Many big companies have been affected resulting in some very large scale breaches and compensation pay outs.

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Ticketmaster logo for data breach


  • £4,000+ Typical claim value
  • Number of records compromised


  • Date

    Between February and June 2018

What happened?

A hack occurred in which the personal and financial details of Ticketmaster customers were stolen by cyber criminals. The information stolen by the hackers was all information that, in the wrong hands, could be misused for fraudulent purposes.

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Virgin media logo red for data breach

Virqin media

  • £5,000 Typical claim value
  • Number of records compromised


  • Date

    Between April 2019 – 28 February 2020

What happened?

A Virgin Media database containing the personal details of 900,000 people was left unsecured and accessible online for 10 months.

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easyJet logo 3


  • £4,000+ Typical claim value
  • Number of records compromised


  • Date


What happened?

You could claim compensation worth thousands if your data was affected by the EasyJet hack that occurred in 2020.

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What is Data Loss?

Your personal data is an important basic human necessity. However, no corporation or organisation, despite the type or size, is 100% protected and safe when it comes to data. A large number of organisations are missing the mark with regards to data security. Human error can lead to data loss and then the potential for cybercrime, which means that sensitive data isn’t as fully ensured and protected as it ought to be.

Data loss can result in both identity or financial theft,  the consequences of which can be extremely devastating. That’s why it’s important for you to know your rights when it comes to data protection and potential claims for data loss compensation.

Data loss is any type of event or process that results in information being corrupted, erased, or potentially made unusable by software or the user. It can be intentional or unintentional, and is similar in some ways to data breach, in that data is compromised, but the difference with data loss is the data itself is destroyed rather than just ending up in the wrong hands .

Types of data loss can be human error such as accidental deletion, hardware or file corruption such as viruses, or mechanical failure.

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Can I Make a Data Loss Claim?

Absolutely. Companies are bound to follow the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR) to keep your information secure. This implies that they should take measures to forestall unlawful or unapproved handling of your own personal information.

They should also ensure to protect against unplanned loss or damage to your own data. If you’re aware that an association has lost your own information, there are steps you can take to secure yourself and claim your guaranteed compensation. 

The restriction period for making a data loss claim is currently six years. This implies that all breaches of information returning six years are subject to a claim. With these terms, it’s essential to act now. So you can contact us and we’ll handle the rest.

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Data breach in figuresClaims on data breach incidents are happening every day

  • 51%

    Of consumers expect financial compensation if their information is lost or stolen

  • 99%

    Of UK citizens have had a data breach and can claim thousands of pounds in compensation

    The UK has a population of nearly 70 million people

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  • 88%

    Of data breaches in the UK are said to be due to human error and warrant compensation

What Amount Will I Get for My Data Loss Compensation?

This depends upon the level of harm that has affected you both mentally and financially. Data Breach claims will introduce you to an expert who will examine and discuss the extent and nature of your own case. They will then offer an estimation of your claim before you choose on whether you want to continue and proceed with the claim. 

How Do I Make the Claim and How Much Will It Cost? 

There is no expense for the initial discussion. The data claim solicitors we put you in touch with work on a no win, no fee basis, which means that you won’t pay any fees unless your case is successful and you win compensation. 

Contact Data Breach Claims by phone or email, to indicate your interest in claiming. The claims handler will address you on a non-commitment basis. After initial enquiries, you’ll be advised whether you have a valid case and be able to ask any queries you may have. You’ll then be provided with the most ideal option for you.

Has any of the following ever happened to you? Read carefully as we don't want you to miss out

  • Your data was lost, stolen or hacked
  • Your data was inaccurately stored or out-of-date
  • Your data was held longer than required
  • Your data was used outside of its stated purpose
  • Your data was made public
  • Your data was disclosed without your express permission
  • Your data was maliciously disclosed
  • Your data was used to obtain credit cards fraudulently

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Frequently asked questions & Useful InfoQuestions we are frequently asked by our users

What Are Data Loss Claims?

There are many reasons and types of data loss, but you can’t simply make a claim if it’s just any type of data loss. You are entitled to data loss compensation if you have suffered the following forms of losses.

  • Crime – Hacking, theft, sabotage or an SQL injection.
  • Computer failures/virus – natural disasters, data corruption, software or hardware malfunction.
  • Human error – accidental and intentional deletion, such as a program or file deletion, misplacement of data, or administration errors.

Is Going to the Court Needed For Getting My Data Loss Compensation?

Most cases are settled without the requirement for court procedures. The initial step is to send a letter of claim to the organisation that lost your data.

The organisation will often respond by way of admitting to the breach that was created. Your claims handler will then help you accumulate proof and evidence to help support the stress and financial loss suffered as a result of the data loss. This is done before proceeding to negotiate a settlement of your claim.

If a settlement is not accepted and agreed, then we may need to proceed to court. However, the whole process will be handled on your behalf so you there is no need to concern yourself with all the technical issues of the case.

Is There a Way to Prevent Data Loss?

There are different strategies to avoid data loss. However, the same method will not cover all types of data loss. 

The most frequent reason for data loss is because of unsaved data. It’s important to back-up your files frequently, as it can go a long way for any system to recover from a data loss event. Setting up a two-step protocol will be effective as well, since it requires you to confirm file deletion. 

It’s also beneficial to get a battery or backup generator to secure you against natural disasters and power failures. Less frequent occurrence is computers having specific kinds of hardware or software failure. 

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