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Finding a data breach solicitor in Cardiff

When you share your personal data with an organisation whether it is personal or financial there is an expectation that your information will be effectively and safely stored by that organisation. However, unfortunately this is not always the case and your data can be shared or exposed without your permission. Whether it has been shared by mistake, been lost, or stolen by hackers you are entitled to make a claim for compensation.

If you think your sensitive information has been breached you will need professional and specialist experience of efficient data breach solicitors in Cardiff to help pursue your case for compensation. Misuse of your personal data can cause a massive inconvenience in your life whether you have been impacted through financial loss, possibly had your reputation affected, or just experienced emotional distress from having your information exposed and vulnerable to future fraudulent activity. All of these factors can be claimed for on your behalf by a data breach law firm in Cardiff.


Can I make a data breach claim in Cardiff?

If your data has been stolen, leaked, or shared by an organisation it is likely you have a valid case to make a data breach claim for which you will need the help of a data breach solicitor in Cardiff. We can put you in contact with a specialist law firm who will be able to look into your situation and let you know if you have a case that is worth taking further.

You might hear about the potential claim by the organisation or company getting in touch with you. This could be by email or a letter but if you are notified don’t ignore it, it may come across like spam or fake, but it could be a genuine alert that your data has been breached.

It could be that the law firm will gather claimants together under a collective group litigation if a certain data breach has impacted multiple people within a set time frame.

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Peter is a solicitor who has worked as a professional litigator for 3 years. More recently Peter has specialised in data breach compensation claims and over the last 2.5 years has gained a wealth of knowledge in this sector. Peter now works with us to share his knowledge and inform the general public.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will put you in touch with a data breach solicitor in Cardiff who will establish if you have a valid case and then work on your behalf to secure the maximum compensation you are entitled to. This would include not only compensation for financial losses but also any emotional stress and inconvenience in your life that has resulted from the breach.

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Claimed compensation on my behalf thanks! Outstanding professional service!
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Helped me get my claim over the line. Rachel was very helpful throughout
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Very professional service, completed my claim swiftly
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Lovely supportive team! Sarah is brilliant, she helped me get through a tough period, always stayed in contact with me and referred me to the best of people resulting in an excellent outcome. Highly recommend!
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I found them a pleasure to deal with. Very clear and easy to understand. A good service.
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They dealt professionally and quickly with our data breach compensation claim. The staff went above and beyond our expectations and were very friendly and helpful. Would definitely use again.
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They dealt professionally and quickly with our data breach compensation claim. The staff went above and beyond our expectations and were very friendly and helpful. Would definitely use again.

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