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  • £4,000 Avg claim

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Superdrug Data BreachData breaches have been increasing both in terms of number and the amount of people affected. Many big companies have been affected resulting in some very large scale breaches and compensation pay outs.

Superdrug Data Breach in numbers

  • £2,000+ Typical claim value
  • Number of records compromised


  • Date

    August 2018

What happened?

You could claim compensation worth thousands if your data was affected by the Superdrug data breach that occurred in 2018.

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How was data breached at Superdrug?

In August 2018, beauty and healthcare retailer Superdrug announced in an email to customers and on its social media pages that they had been affected by a data breach. It stated in its communication that it had informed Action Fraud UK and was cooperating with law enforcement fully to investigate the breach. The breach resulted in the disclosure of personal details of customers including names, addresses, and in some cases, dates of birth, phone numbers, and points balances. Luckily, no payment card or other financial information was involved in this breach.

The hackers behind the cyber attack claimed 20,000 customers had had data compromised, but in a statement Superdrug revealed that from the information available, it could only determine around 386 accounts were affected.

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Can I make a data breach claim against Superdrug?

If you were one of the affected customers whose personal information was accessed during the Superdrug data breach you are eligible to make a claim for compensation. Unlike other data breach claims, where there can be a substantial delay between a breach being discovered by the company and those affected being informed, in this instance customers were notified quickly by Superdrug.

When releasing their first statement about the breach Superdrug said, “we take our responsibility to protect your personal information very seriously and that is why we have let our customers know as soon as we could”. Nonetheless, there is still a significant risk posed by the breach, and this is why those who were involved have reason to be extra vigilant and could make a Superdrug data breach compensation claim.

You can claim compensation, not just for any specific financial or other losses you have experienced, but also for any emotional distress the breach has caused you which could have left you more vulnerable to further fraudulent activity like phishing attacks.

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Frequently asked questionsQuestions we are frequently asked by our users

Why should I make a data breach claim against Superdrug?

Starting a data breach claim against Superdrug will not only get you access to compensation, but also holds the company accountable for their actions. As a result, this will hopefully prompt them to take the necessary steps to improve their data security measures to ensure that such a breach cannot occur again.

In accordance with data regulations that are currently in place, you have a right to compensation for non-material damage when your personal information has been breached. This means those affected are entitled to compensation for the stress, frustration, and anxiety they have endured because of the breach.

Superdrug has stated that it thinks this attack was the result of credential stuffing, whereby the criminals accessed the accounts on the Superdrug website after gathering email addresses and passwords from other websites. In a recent report it was revealed that more than 90% of login attempts on websites owned by online retailers are made by cybercriminals who are looking to get access to loyalty points, offers, and deals that are made available by retailers for real customers.

With this in mind it is important that big retail companies like Superdrug have strong threat detection, security, and response systems in place so that breaches or attempted breaches can be found and dealt with quickly and responded to in the right way.

How do I make a Superdrug data breach claim?

We can put you in touch with legal data breach experts who are putting together a group claim whereby the large number of customers can be part of a collective claim for compensation in the Superdrug data breach.

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