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Wattpad Data Breach

Data breaches have been increasing both in terms of number and the amount of people affected. Many big companies have been affected resulting in some very large scale breaches and compensation pay outs.

What happened?

You could claim compensation worth thousands if your data was affected by the Wattpad data breach that occurred in 2020.

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How was user data breached at Wattpad?

In July 2020 story writing website Wattpad discovered a hack that meant some of their user data had been improperly accessed. They acted quickly to inform users and resolve the situation, but personal data was still stolen. The data included:

  • Email address
  • Date of birth and gender (if provided by user)
  • IP address upon sign up, if signed up before 2017
  • Account name and salted and cryptographically hashed passwords
  • Any third-party account IDs, for example Google or Facebook. Passwords linked to third party accounts were not stored on Wattpad systems so were unaffected


Wattpad hired external security experts to help with their investigation into the data breach. They alerted users to the incident by posting a statement on their Help Centre and Corporate site as well as posting on social media. Also, emails have been directly sent to users who might have been affected to let them know what has happened.

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Can I make a data breach claim against Wattpad?

If you are a Wattpad user whose data was accessed during the hack then you are entitled to data breach compensation. As Wattpad notified all users of the hack you may or may not have had your data accessed. Even if no financial information was taken the data that was accessed could still be used for fraudulent activity such as phishing attacks so stay vigilant and do not give any personal details to anyone you don’t know or who cannot confirm their identity.

We can put you in touch with expert data breach solicitors who are putting together a collective group claim that will bring together a number of Wattpad users. If you are a Wattpad user and received notification about involvement in the breach or suspect your data might have been hacked you could be eligible to join the group claim.

Compensation is payable, not only for any specific financial or other losses you have incurred, but also for any distress caused by the data breach which could have left you open to the risk of fraudulent activity.

Wattpad’s investigation into the hack didn’t identify any signs that financial or payment information was involved. They have said that they don’t maintain financial details on the affected system and Paid Stories purchases are processed through third-party vendors that were not part of this hack.

Alternatively, give one of our solicitors a call free on 0333 241 2521

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Frequently Asked Questions

Users of any website have the right to expect that their personal or financial data they have shared with that organisation is securely stored and handled. When data protection standards have fallen short, and in this case a hack has enabled unauthorised access to your personal data, you can make a claim for compensation.

Bringing a data breach claim not only gets you access to compensation, but also holds a company or organisation to account for their actions. As a result, this will usually prompt them to take the necessary steps to boost their data security measures to ensure that such a breach cannot occur again. In this case Wattpad engaged third-party security experts to run a forensic security audit and have said they will be reviewing ways in which they can bolster the security of their corporate infrastructure technology to help protect against any similar incidents in the future.

If you think you may have a valid Wattpad data breach claim then get in touch with us and we will put you in touch with data breach experts who will make enquiries regarding your claim and confirm whether or not you have a case worth pursuing.

Our recommended experts will act for you on a No Win, No Fee basis, meaning there is no risk to you in making a claim and nothing to pay in the unlikely event we take on your claim and you don’t win compensation. We can help you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your Wattpad data breach claim, so if you’ve received notification about the data breach, or think that your personal data may have been part of the breach, be sure to start a claim with us.

Data breaches have been featured in the national press.

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They dealt professionally and quickly with our data breach compensation claim. The staff went above and beyond our expectations and were very friendly and helpful. Would definitely use again.

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