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  • £4,000 Avg claim

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Wigan Hospital Data BreachData breaches have been increasing both in terms of number and the amount of people affected. Many big companies have been affected resulting in some very large scale breaches and compensation pay outs.

Wigan Hospital Data Breach in numbers

  • £4,000+ Typical claim value
  • Number of records compromised

    Number not confirmed

  • Date

    September 2019

What happened?

You could claim compensation worth thousands if your data was affected by the Wigan hospital data breach that occurred in 2019.

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How was patient data breached at Wigan hospital?

In September 2019 Wigan hospital admitted that a serious data breach occurred which involved thousands of patients’ medical records. The patients’ personal information was accessed multiple times by an employee at the hospital who had no legitimate right or authority to do so. These details are thought to have included blood test results, medication, details about specific patient care, and copies of hospital and doctor’s letters. The data protection officer for the organisation has said that they have informed all patients who were part of the breach and reported the incident to the ICO.

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Can I make a data breach claim against Wigan hospital?

If you are one of the thousands of patients whose records were accessed by an unauthorised employee you are entitled to claim compensation. Wrightington, Wigan, and Leigh NHS trust has confirmed that it has written to the patients involved in the data breach. You should therefore have received a letter from them confirming your details may have been compromised in this incident.

Even if the breach did not lead to any specific financial loss to you, you are still entitled to claim compensation for distress, inconvenience, annoyance, and loss of control of your data. Due to the sensitive personal nature of the information that may have been accessed, compensation could be quite significant. 

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Frequently asked questionsQuestions we are frequently asked by our users

Why should I make a data breach claim against Wigan hospital?

Medical or healthcare providers have a responsibility to protect your private information, and when they fail to do so, they should be brought to account. While you might be reluctant to make a claim against your local hospital, who you perhaps use and rely on a regular basis, it is worth noting that any claim will be against their insurers rather than the organisation itself.

Making a data breach compensation claim brings accountability and ensures that an organisation will implement better safeguards to protect everyone’s data in future. When it comes to medical data, such as the type involved in the Wigan hospital data breach, this could be misused to an extent that you might suffer a financial loss or worse.

Even if the breach has not led to any loss to you at this point, it potentially still could be used at some point in future. The loss of highly confidential and sensitive medical data can be extremely distressing, and for this reason you could make a claim to be compensated.

How do I make a data breach claim?

If you think you may have been one of those affected by this data breach, get in touch and we will make enquiries on your behalf to establish if there is a valid data breach claim worth pursuing. If so, then we will act for you on a No Win, No Fee basis, meaning there is no risk in making a claim and nothing to pay in the unlikely event of making a claim but not winning compensation.

At Data Breach Claims, we will put you in touch with experts who will be able to advise you whether you have a good case for compensation.

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